Creativity, Unleashed

Hello there! I'm Jennifer, your local neighbor and someone who has lived, worked, volunteered and raised my family in this community since 2005. I got into this business because I was looking for a new direction – one that would utilize the skills I acquired as the Vice President of Operations with a local Health & Life brokerage firm, along with my lifelong love of animals. With the enthusiastic support of my husband Michael and our three adult children, I launched Pet Wants Woodbury.

As an avid animal lover and a former veterinary technician, I currently share residence with our favorite canine buddy and rescue pup, Bosley. And because I adore him, I want to feed him the very best! Bosley is such a huge and important part of our lives and I want to do my part to make sure he, and your pets, gets the nutrition that they need, in every stage of their lives. I’m so proud and excited about this Pet Wants adventure.

As someone who spent many years as both an elected official and a local volunteer, I've so enjoyed reigniting old relationships and creating new ones – with you AND your furry friends. Pet Wants Woodbury is a mobile business that offers free, personal delivery in Woodbury, Cottage Grove and the surrounding neighborhoods. My family and I look forward to meeting you!